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Meet Our Partners

Hey, Sis. is designed to highlight and introduce the world to high-quality products from Black-owned businesses. We work hard to curate relationships with our partners to ensure that every product in your box is perfect for everyday use. Check out our partners below! 

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Have a brand you'd like to feature in Hey, Sis. box or interested in partner opportunities?

February 2021 partners 

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The Burgess Brothers 



Meet the Burgess Brothers, Matt and Jonathan. The twin brothers grew up in Sacramento, California and are one of our foundational local partners. They specialize in delicious BBQ, burgers, and classic staples like cornbread and waffles. Their food is informed by family traditions stretching back generations. They are constantly reinvesting in their community through meals for the elderly, outreach and activism, and mentorship. We love everything they are serving and can't wait for you to get a taste!

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Faith & Co. Apothecary

Meet Faith & Co. Apothecary. Mesha, mom and founder of Faith & Co. was inspired by the need for soothing, all-natural skincare products to address her children's sensitive skin. Mesha's soaps, scrubs and body butters are hand-crafted with love. We are so excited to feature Faith & Co. Apothecary in our Hey, Sis. box!

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Johnny Wicks Candles 



 Meet Johnny, CEO and founder of Johnny Wicks Candles. He got interested in creating his own hand-crafted candles in an effort to produce affordable versions of luxury products. What started as a hobby, quickly grew in popularity around his local community in Monterey, California. Thus Johnny Wicks was born! These hand-poured, cleaner-burning candles will create a relaxing aromatic experience in your home .

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Tiferet Coffee House 

Tiferet Coffee House is one of our local partners! Tiferet has been family owned since 2014. Makeda and Sabrina have become a staple in the Sacramento region, known for creating a welcoming atmosphere along with the delicious coffees and teas they serve. For the sisters, community is the driving force. They source many of their supplies and baked goods locally as well. We're so excited to be featuring one of their bestsellers in our February Intro Box! We know you'll feel the love when you try their products!

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Elegant Reign



Meet Tamina of Elegant Reign LLC. Based in Chicago, she and her husband have made it their mission to take customers on an incredible scent journey, all the while providing top quality, handcrafted products that are are allergy friendly and great for the whole family. We love to use their products around our homes, and can't wait for you to try some of our faves!

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Copper and Brass Paper Goods

Meet Ariel, the creator of Copper and Brass Paper Goods. Inspired by her mother's knack for putting together beautiful gifts, and noticing a lack of diversity in the paper goods market, Ariel set about putting her passion to work! Copper and Brass shines a light on black culture by promoting positive representations of black people through gorgeous illustrations. This brand adds a special touch to any gift, so we knew it would be a special addition to our Intro Box. Like Ariel says "Life is better when we focus on the Pretty Little Details."

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K Ligg Co. 



Meet Kadeja, the creative powerhouse behind K Ligg Co. Kadeja grew up in a house filled with art that made her feel seen, but when the pandemic hit she got inspired to begin creating works of her own. Each piece is filled with spirit and strength that is sure to inspire. We can't wait for you to see what's in store in your February Intro Box!

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