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Joelle Phillips

Joelle Phillips

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It all started with a simple DIY hack. After Makeup Artist Joelle Phillips shared a makeup has to her beauty community she was quickly asked to show in detail how to create the product. In early January 2017, Joelle made a video that she posted to Instagram that had gone viral. Once the demand for the product was there there was no stopping what happened next. She would spend three months developing the product, experimenting with different pigments that would enhance the appearance of her mostly melanin clientele, and in March 2017 OMGLO was created.

The Modern





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Meet Toni creator of The Modern Bloc and co-owner of The Collective Shop. The Modern Bloc features modern block printed art, stationary, and homegoods. Toni has a deep love for print-making and has been a printmaker for nearly a decade. Her work primarily consists of modern and geometric prints, inspired by nature, architecture, and textiles. Each print is digitally printed, but initially each block print starts from a hand-carved block and is printed by hand. This process gives block prints their unique character that she hopes you will appreciate as well. The Modern Bloc is a collection from The Collective Shop LLC

Flatbush Granola Co. 

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Tracey Solomon

Tracey Solomon

was never a granola person growing up. But when I started Flatbush Granola, my sister reminded me that we grew up around 'healthy' cereals as kids...Some time later, while visiting another good friend in Hawaii, I was treated to her slamming homemade granola. This was it! I'm delighted to share my personal granola blends with you, each one made from the heart. It's another way to spread love, the Brooklyn way and I hope you enjoy!


Paper Standards

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Shay Lyn

Shay Lyn

Paper Standards is a modern stationery brand focusing on aesthetically pleasing but highly functional organizational tools. The product line includes refillable & customizable agendas, chic writing tools and selection of notebooks and notepads to help you clear your mind and structure your life. Products can be used individually or combined to create a planning system curated just for you.

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