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Meet Our Partners


Hey, Sis. is designed to highlight and introduce the world to high-quality products from Black-owned businesses. We work hard to curate relationships with our partners to ensure that every product in your box is perfect for everyday use. Check out our partners below! 

Have a brand you'd like to feature in Hey, Sis. box or interested in partner opportunities?

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Meet Ashley, chef and founder of Trade St. Jam Co. For over 10 years, Ashley and her team bring sweet culinary innovation to life. From jams to marinades and everything in between. We are so excited to partner with Trade Street Jam Co. for our Fall Box. Sis, believe us when we say TSJ Co. is delectable! Check out our website for more on TSJ.



Jam Co.

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Meet Dr. Quinton Yeldell and Krystle Ford, husband and wife duo and owners of Southern Hospitality. Together they are educating the importance of foot care through a variety of foot care products. We are so excited to partner with this power couple for our Fall Box. It’s giving southern charm with every step! Sis, make sure you check SOHO out and step in style always!




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Meet Carol Manson - owner and soap artist for Simon Sudz! What started as a way to honor her beloved cocker spaniel is now a booming business providing amazing hand crafted soaps and other skincare products all made from plant-based oils and butters for EVERYONE to enjoy. Hey, Sis. is so excited to and honored to partner with Simon Sudz for our Fall Box. 




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Meet Adowah Ola, owner and curator of Kultured.Kitchens. Created in response to the lack of diversity in the dinnerware industry and this absence, Adowah designed a narrative that celebrated cultural expression through Kultured.Kitchens. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary style, Adowah wants to revive the spirt of artisan luxury to the Black experience. The table is set Sis. We are so excited to partner and feature Kultured.Kitchens in our Fall Box.



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Meet Harriet Zaffoni founder and owner of 

Harkiss Designs. Focused on fair trade and ethical practices, Harkiss works directly with 11 east African artisans who employ hundreds of craftsmen and women to translate designs into handcrafted one-of-a-kind. Each item sold by Harkiss Designs is meticulously crafted in east Africa by talented men and women who are responsible for supporting their entire families using the skills obtained through generation to generation. We are so excited to share Harkiss's story and feature this amazing brand in our Fall Box. 



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Fall Box Products 

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