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Spring Box Products 

The Calendula Kit

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: N/A
Product Type: Calendula Planter Kit (bio-degradable pot, eco-friendly dirt, calendula seeds), Calendula Lip Balm
How to Use It: Let's get planting! This Calendula planter is great way to relax and remain eco-friendly. Calendula is edible, and great for many ailments. The Calendula lip balm is will repair even the driest of lips. Soothing and all-natural, and convenient for on-the-go.
About the Brand: Bask Farm was founded on the principles of nutrition, accessibility, and quality. Founder Chanel is committed to applying low-waste, low-resource, and natural practices to produce the freshest greens from farm-to-fork.

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Copy of Pink and Light Blue Bordered Ema
got mask! 
Spring Mask

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: N/A
Product Type: Hypo-allergenic cloth mask
How to Use It: In the last year we've experienced so much change, got mask! helps us adjust to the many changes with their high-quality re-usable masks. Each Spring Box includes a super cute spring colored mask to use everyday of the year. Need quick-tips on mask care tips, we've got you covered! Click below for mask maintenance. 
About the Brand: Sacramento-native, college student, golfer, and health promoter, who believes our health is the most important thing we have. Yunique, founder of got mask! works to provide top quality masks for everyone. 

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All Purpose Cleaner 

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: 2 oz each
Product Type: All Purpose Concentrate Cleaner
How to Use It: Add 1/2 cup of Good Vibes APC to 1 gallon of hot water to clean floors, cabinets and counter tops, walls, windows, cars, you name it.Add 1/2 cup to 1/2 gallon of water to clean dirty mop heads and rags. For cleaning tubs and sinks, combine Good Vibes APC with Baking Soda to make a scouring paste. Click Below for Product Info and Hey, Sis. Cleaning Schedule
About the Brand: "Plant-based, Smells Amazing, Cleans Like Crazy" Good Vibes APC works like a charm on all surfaces. It can be used, full strength, as a booster to your laundry detergent and a spot cleaner for tough stains on clothes and carpets.

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Marble Crayons

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: N/A
Product Type: Marble Crayons (2)
How to Use It: Did you know you can color the back of your Hey, Sis. Spring Insert? These are a great way to bond with your little one, or really get a little time in self-care. These crayons are just so cute, you'll want to look at it all day long! Click here for a fun crayon craft.
About the Brand: “You're never too young to dream big.” Hun & Sam, run by a mother-daughter duo, make custom gifts for kids. With this business venture, Samantha (7) is following in her mom Chaundra's footsteps. Chaundra also runs Chatham Natural SkinCare so Sam has a great role model for her entrepreneurial spirit. Mom says working together has helped them grow closer and spend more time together. We love that and you will too! 

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You Grow Girl Tote Bag

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: N/A
Product Type: 1 Cloth Tote Bag
How to Use It: "You Grow Girl!" From grocery shopping to a picnic to the park, this tote bag is perfect to keep you motivated with everything you need in one place! Check out our Daily Essentials for more ways to use your totes!
About the Brand: "The world needs who you were made to be.” Saved by Grace Co. started in October of 2016. Through SBG Co., owner Whitney, shares her testimonies and everyday life as a Christian mother through creativity and transparency. From faith apparel, to home decor - it's Whitney's goal to help you to see God in all things.

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Sugar Body Scrub

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: 8 oz 
Product Type: Me Time - Lavender Scrub or Snap Back - Coffee Scrub
How to Use It: Turn off water in shower and gently massage body scrub onto wet skin to avoid washing the scrub off too soon.

Pro-tip: This product is naturally preserved.  Do not use wet fingers/hands when scooping product out.  Water will decrease the shelf life of product.  Scoop your desired amount out & put in the provided reusable cup prior to getting into the shower.  Do not keep scrub in shower if it is at risk of encountering water. Wash and dry cup after each use.

About the Brand: "Whatever you do, do it IN & OUT OF LOVE." Sugar Goddess is here to normalize Black-owned luxury skin care and self-care. Owner, Ashley believes that Black women and all Goddesses should have access to skin care that works; with simple, all-natural & culturally relevant ingredients.

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Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: 5.6 oz 
Product Type: Seasoning 
How to Use It: Cue Drake's Lemon Pepper Freestyle...Sis this Lemon Pepper seasoning is definitely a vibe. This seasoning is perfect for wings, pasta, fish, and everything in between. We've included an amazing recipe for Lemon Pepper wings for you try! Grandbaby Cakes - Lemon Pepper Wings
About the Brand: After discovering a new passion for cooking during Covid-19, Hayley, instantly knew she wanted to create my own unique tasting product line.

The Kitchen Crave stems from wanting to bring my own cravings for a specific taste, to life. She brings a new flare on natural and healthy products, while emphasizing the positive representation of Black women in food service hospitality and culinary arts through her brand.

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Water Bottle 

Sis, I want the details! 

Size: 27 oz 
Product Type: Water Bottle
How to Use It: Who doesn't love a good reusable water bottle. This Hey, Sis. water bottle is a great way to maintain you stay hydrated all day, everyday. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks. Now fill that water bottle up and get hydrated! 
About the Brand: Each Hey, Sis. includes one bonus item from Hey, Sis. that you can incorporate in your everyday life. 

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