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Sugar Ah, honey, honey

Here at Hey, Sis. were all about treating yourself! With the Sugar Goddess Body Scrub we're sure you'll feel amazing and luxurious. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the best scrub eva!

Snap Back - Coffee Sugar Scrub

Blended with Coffee & Brown Sugar, the Snap Back Body Scrub can rid your body of dry, dead & dull skin allowing fresh, new, lively skin cells to resurface.


Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Brown Sugar & Organic Coconut Oil collide to:


*Brown Sugar & Cane Sugar are a natural source of Glycolic Acid which stimulates cell regeneration and promotes new younger-looking skin 

*Exfoliates & protects skin

*Help reduce the appearance & darkness of stretch marks

*Increase skins elasticity, keeping your body firm & tight

*Reduces cellulite

*Rehydrate & moisturize skin

*Smooth & even skin tone

*Promote a healthy GLOW

*Remove dead & dull skin cells to renew and revive your skin

Goddess Tip

*Follow up with Sugar Goddess Body Butter, on lightly damp skin, to lock in hydration and moisturize.

*Turn off water in shower and gently massage body scrub onto wet skin to avoid washing the scrub off too soon.

*This product is naturally preserved.  Do not use wet fingers/hands when scooping product out.  Water will decrease the shelf life of product. Scoop your desired amount out & put in the provided reusable cup prior to getting into the shower. Do not keep scrub in shower if it is at risk of encountering water. Wash and dry cup after each use.

For the Goddess that needs some ME TIME!

Relaxing & Calming Body Scrub

Aromatherapy / Essential Oil Benefit:

*Lavender- Provides you with a relaxing aroma and feeling

*Roman Chamomile- Helps calm overactive skin and symptoms caused by irritating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

*Vanilla- Gives off a warm and comforting aroma to soothe your senses.


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