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Highlights From Q1

Hey, Sis. We are by no means experts, but we're learning as we go and trying to capture and share the lessons we get along the way.

1. Don't Rush

Sweat the small stuff! Take your time and pay attention to details - they matter and can make the difference when it comes to your customer's experience with your product.

2. Listen

Get feedback first and often. Listen to the wisdom of those with more experience & write it down!

3. People First

Acknowledge and adjust to changes in your audience. Do your research to learn and

understand their needs. Remember this will be an ongoing process.

4. Stay Humble

You will make mistakes. Acknowledge them and learn from them. Each is an opportunity to learn something valuable and do better next time.

5. Sit With Discomfort

Own your shortcomings. Transparency builds trust, and the discomfort encourages real change+ growth.

6. Pivot, but don't lose sight of your mission

You will have to adjust, think quickly and creatively, and pivot often to overcome challenges and unexpected barriers. Just be sure your decisions align with and support your mission!

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