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5 Inspiring Fitness Influencers!

Did somebody say "Quarantine 15?" because Sis, we felt that! That's why we're highlighting 5 fabulous Black women in fitness who motivate us to keep in shape. Check out their websites for more information.


Wellness coach, and self-proclaimed "danceaholic", Cassandra Nuamah, is on a mission to promote healthy living, positive movement, and self-love at every stage.


Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and writer, whose classes provide a body positive approach to yoga.


Co-founder of Bash Boxing and Under Armour athlete, Monica Jones, fights against diet culture and for empowering peak performance for women.



Mother, trainer, writer, social worker, and educator, Elisabeth Akinwale, embodies the benefits of consistent strength training. She has worked to share effective trainingpractices and life philosophies with people around the globe.


Army vet, Nicole Monroe, is not here to look cute, she's here to work! Her workouts target all areas of your body while challenging you to push outside of your comfort zone.

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